founding AIESEC Alumni Switzerland

Dear Alumni

It is our great pleasure to announce that we are about to found AIESEC Alumni Switzerland. As you can see on our homepage ( we have already updated many things.

It is our goal to connect AIESEC Alumni with each other and to the active membership. That fore we have planned activities on national and regional level, such as an annual alumni dinner in February, a summer social in July or August and several other events on regional level.

You find all information, including the proposed compendium, on our homepage. We have added sections for regional chapters. It is our goal to have in several cities in Switzerland regional hubs, which meet every now and then for a social and keep also in touch with the Local Committee. We are working together with the Member Committee of AIESEC in Switzerland to increase the awareness in the Local Committees about Alumni management and involvement. Ideally, Alumni shall be involved on several levels in each Local Committee of AIESEC in Switzerland.

If you would like to found a regional group in your area, we would be more than happy to help you.

The official founding General Assembly will take place on October 1st, at the 60th Anniversary party of AIESEC in Switzerland. Here you can sign up for AIESEC Alumni Switzerland and be amongst the first ones to join the association!

We also present on Facebook, Xing and Linkedin. Please join also these groups!

We are looking forward to shaping this organisation with you!

Corinne and Fabian

AIESEC in Switzerland at the International Congress in Kenya

The MC has returned form the International Congress in Kenya. Birgit (President), Annamaria (MCVP Outgoing Exchange), Daniela (MCVP Incoming Exchange), Gustavo (AIESEC Swiss CareerDays President) and Theresia (LCP Basel) have spent three intense weeks on networking, exchange good case practices with other entities and actively influencing the future of our organization.




This IC was very important for the future of the organization, as the next midterm goals were defined. In the year 2015, AIESEC would like to achieve the following number of experiences

Global Internship Program 17’000
Global Community Development Program 38’000
Team Member Program 155’000
Team Leader Program 52’000

The Global Internship Program contains all internships in the management and IT sectors, whereas the Global Community Development Program contains develop-ment and educational internships.

Please find more information about the new midterm ambition here.

In 2011 AIESEC achieved the following goals under the 2010 vision.

Exchange 14’187
Exchange + Leadership 2’859
Leadership Experiences 16’183
Members 48’725
Committees 110