AIESEC Alumni Basel

Dear AIESEC Alumni Basel
It is our great pleasure to inform you that three Alumni and one member of AIESEC Basel have been elected to the Executive Board of our association. For the first time since longer we are actu-ally fulfilling the requirements of our compendium. We are congratulating Tanja Grobelnik, Mark Neukomm, Tobias Schweizer and Anna Zeiser for their election and wish them lots of fun with their new responsibilities! We are looking forward to many interesting events about which we will keep everybody updated.

At the last general assembly, which took for the first time place in Zurich, we could again welcome seven member of AIESEC Basel. The current LCP of Basel, Theresia Schneider gave a presenta-tion about the current situation in the LC. It was very nice to hear that the LC managed to get back the Career Days fair after seven years. During the presentation and the following dinner, we could further discuss how the Alumni can support the LC best. We realized that specially sharing of ex-perience and knowledge is highly appreciated by the LC and all members. That support could be provided in workshops or in individual talks.

We are also very happy to draw your attention to a special event. AIESEC in Switzerland is cele-brating it’s a 60th anniversary on October 1st. You will receive shortly an email with all information’s and were you can sign up.

Best wished from your old Executive Board

Ato Anderson
Michael Kron
Cédric Poget

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