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Dear Alumni,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Alumni platform of AIESEC in Bern. As a result of different talks I had at the 60th anniversary event of AIESEC in Switzerland and Do It 2011, I took the initiative to launch this platform in coordination with the national Alumni strategy. I was proud to welcome some Alumni to the last Christmas Dinner including the founder of LC Bern, Jürg Schwarz.

Christmas Dinner 2011

The real activities started in February 2012. You find the information about our activities on this page. We are also present on Facebook. Please join our Group to see the events and get invitations. If you don’t want to be linked so tightly to the platform, you can also just like our Fanpage. You will see the most important information also on this page. Additionally, if you are a member of the group, you can still like our Fanpage to make it more popular. For everybody who is more active on LinkedIn, you can also join our LinkedIn Group and will get all the relevant information there as well. We are also present on Xing in German and all events are also posted there for the Alumni who are more active on this platform.

1st Round Table

1st Round Table 2012

As some of you might know, AIESEC Bern was founded on the 1st of April 1963 and therefore we are celebrating our 50th Anniversary next year. We thought that this is a great opportunity to bring all the Alumni together. Therefore we are organizing an event and we decided on the following provisorily date:

Saturday Night of the 4th May 2013

Please reserve the date and tell us, if we forgot to consider another important event on this day. For important reasons, it’s still possible to change the date. You can see the event on Facebook where you can see who is attending. We hope that most Alumni, Members and Partners can make it at this day!

Me not even being an official Alumnus, I still have a lot to learn and the whole project is still in the start-up phase. So please give constructive feedback, invite the people on Facebook, LinkedIn and Xing who should be in this group as well and be a bit patient. As I figured out, there are different clusters of Alumni related to Bern. I don’t have access to all those clusters (yet), however, it would be nice if this group could be a platform for all those clusters.

We don’t think that this platform should be an exclusive circle. In general, we think that ex EB members of LC Bern and other members who contributed to the LC, ex MC members of AIESEC in Switzerland, ex Interns in Bern, AIESEC Alumni with a connection to LC Bern or the city Bern and every AIESEC Alumni who is currently in Bern are more than welcome to join and invite other people they think fit those criteria.

In addition, feel free to join the brand new AIESEC in Switzerland Alumni organisation and join the national Fanpage.

We are looking forward getting in touch with as many Alumni as possible!

Best Regards,

Olivier Duperrut

Regional Group Coordinator

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