Reunion at DO-IT 2015

Every five years, we are organizing a big alumni reunion at the national AIESEC conference DO-IT, usually in Fiesch/VS. This year, it will take place on 13-15 November and we would love for you to join.
We will have the agenda team meeting end of June in Berne, where we will build the proposed agenda. In case you would like to get involved or have input/expectations, please get in touch with the conference manager Corinne ( The goal is to give space for networking and catching up with fellow alumni, meet current AIESEC members and have sessions from alumni for alumni. We will start on Friday late evening with a short opening session and end on Sunday around noon.
One hundred beds are already reserved in Fiesch and are waiting for us! We are very much looking forward to meeting you there!

Dear fellow AIESEC alumni

It is quite some time ago, we have released our last newsletter in this format. In the meantime, we experimented with announcements through various social media platforms and we have to admit that we should not have stopped sending out these newsletters. Maybe, we are still inspired by AIESEC’s constant experimentation on new things. Oh well…. We are back here again, sending a round of apologies to those of you who have not heard from us for too long and at the same time, it is our intention to send you newsletters on a regular basis by email as well as the social media channels. We seek to balance the topics on what we write about like news from the AIESEC world, from the alumni organisation but also what alumni are doing in the world. If you have some inputs, please let us know. We are keen on your inputs.
About 4 years ago, we took the decision to re-establish an AIESEC alumni organisation in Switzerland again. Some of you might have said “again?” or “I wonder how long that lasts…” and with the silence from us over this channel, we almost proved you right. We hope that we still can prove you different this time. The board is committed to bringing the organisation to a stable level so that we finally have a lasting alumni organisation in Switzerland. We are looking forward to you joining our passion for a stronger alumni network in Switzerland. We would like to invite you to join us in building this network. Be it by becoming a member of the alumni organisation, by joining one of our events, to support AIESEC or by simply following our newsletter. We wish you a great summer and we are looking forward to bringing you the alumni network a bit closer.
On behalf of the AIESEC Alumni Switzerland board
Fabian Tschan


From AIESEC in Switzerland

Dear Alumni and Alumnae of AIESEC in Switzerland
I’m hereby addressing myself as the President of AIESEC in Switzerland for the term 2015/2016. It is with big pleasure that I am writing this letter to all of you. My name is Rebecca Weimann, I’m originally from Bern, Switzerland and I joined AIESEC in fall 2012 in Fribourg. Being currently on the national level of in the current MC I’m holding the position of the Vice President for Talent Management and Organizational Development and am more than excited to do my part of re-establishing a strong bond between the Alumni Association and AIESEC in Switzerland.
Firstly I want to thank those of this Alumni network who have supported my team and me a lot throughout the current term. First of all, thanks to Corinne Binkert who has been our main contact person, coordinator, representative during our National Conferences (Do It and Kick Off), and Alumni representative during the review boards for the election process of the president of AIESEC in Switzerland 15/16 (MCP) and the ones for the member committee (MC) for the same term. I am more than grateful to have her by my side. Nextly I want to mention Joselyn Lauritzen who has – together with Sarah Gloor – started the mentoring program for interested members in our entity as well as the MC. I myself got a mentor, Yvonne Fischer and call myself fortunate to have a professional by my side whom I can have bi-weekly mentoring meetings. And thirdly, many thanks to Szabolcs „Sabi“ Mihalyi, Maria Hooper, Patrick Siffert, Iuliia Palamarchuk and Fabian Tschan who have been supporting us either during conferences in terms of delivering workshops and educating our members or being conference photographer and participating at review boards for the national level. There are many of you that I don’t know personally yet, that are in touch with the local levels (LC), especially in Geneva and Bern and so far I only received positive positive feedback from the LCs that get your support. We are very happy and fortunate to have you.
However, this letter is not only here to cherish the ones we are currently working with us, but to go one step further and revive the relation between the AIESEC Alumni Switzerland Association and AIESEC in Switzerland. It is my high interest to connect those two bodies and build up stronger network for the future. The reason behind is that every year we make it as our core to develop leadership in youg people, either through our member and team leader program or our exchange programs. However, the true impact we strive for to have can only be made visible if we stay in touch with you, our Alumni and Alumnae, as you are the true outcome of what this organization did in the past and to be there for the future generation.
As I’ve mentioned before I joined AIESEC in 2012 and ever since members of the Alumni Association have been people we occasionally worked with and maybe got to know during our National Conferences. In my opinion – and I’m on the same page with the Alumni/Alumnae I talked to – our bond can be stronger than this.
The way how AIESEC in Switzerland approached you in the past was often concerning delivering a workshop or a presentation during National Conferences, a lot of times last minute even. This is not only an unprofessional approach but doesn’t value who you are. On the other hand the Alumni network doesn’t attract a lot of recent members that left the organization. After talking to the board of AAS last week, both out expectations were set straight: There are a lot of Alumni in the network that are happy to support, however the first step needs to come from our side which means more concretely the projects we are working on and could imagine to get your support with. On the other hand AAS can provide us with attractive options for outgoing members to join your network which we can then promote. There are a lot of opportunities a relation between the two associations can bring and I’m highly motivated to invest the resources needed to make a revival happen. And as you will all know by now there is the 5 years Alumni reunion coming up at Do It in November. I am looking forward to meet and work with as many of you as possible starting from now, during my term as the next President and afterwards as an Alumna myself. Let’s make this year a turning point!
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me in case you have questions or inputs regarding the content of this letter.
Sincerely yours,
Rebecca Weimann
President, AIESEC in Switzerland 15/16

last spring event

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon 20 alumni gathered at Zürich Airport to enjoy a tour behind the scenes and some quality time together. After learning about some general facts and figures about the airport, we passed security control and went onto the tarmac where our guide, who was working for 30 years for Swissair and then Swissport in Zürich and New York, told us a bit more about the outline of the airport and how it has grown from a small airport, where passengers used to walk from the gate to the aircraft on foot to today’s international airport that handles 250’000 flights per year and through which 25 million passengers travel each year.
After that, we went to the baggage scanning department, where we saw all four steps of baggage scanning and the impressive baggage transfer system. Our guide told us that once security agents suspected a fragmentation bomb in a bag and when they brought it to the passenger to open it, the item in question was a neatly folded sequin dress. After looking at the collection of prohibited items they found in checked in bags, we realized that there is nothing that passengers don’t try to transport!
Next, we walked the 1,5 km through the baggage sorting system and the baggage tunnel to Terminal E. Each piece of luggage is transferred from the scanning system onto the transport system, gets its own little cart in which it gets transported at 35 km/h to Terminal E, where each piece is placed in the aircraft containers by hand. The people doing this job lift around 12 tons per day. We will all pack a little less next time we fly!
After walking along Terminal E on the airfield and admiring the Dreamliner from Quatar Airlines, we saw the Airbus A380 from Emirates proceeding to the runway to take off and many Airbus A340 aircrafts from Swiss International Airlines landing and rolling to their parking positions.
spring1 spring2 spring3

Alumni in the world

We have all been part of AIESEC in the past. This is what connects us, this is what many of us still have very fond memories about. Some of us have been impacted more by our experiences within the organization, some of us less … some of us remember just a few particular moments, and others got married to a fellow AIESECer. Our stories are as diverse as our global AIESEC network of friends.
Even the AIESEC Alumni Switzerland organization reflects this diversity. After our time at University, there was indeed a life after AIESEC to be discovered, lots of personal and professional development steps to be made and everybody has gone their own way.
With this new section, we would like make the AIESEC Alumni Switzerland community a bit more tangible for you, dear reader, and we’d like to add a bit of personality to it. Going forward, it is going to feature one or two alumni sharing their perspective in a short, interview-style article. We are really looking forward to discovering many stories and potential that’s to be found within our AIESEC in Switzerland alumni community.
In the meantime, here’s a picture of the board of AAS, during our last board meeting.