From the AAS Board: AAS & AiS In transition

One of the aims of AIESEC Alumni Switzerland is to support the active AIESECers. The board was doing so by delivering four sessions at the Team to Team transition of the Member Committee. We were very pleased to get to know the new team and are looking forward to work together with them!

With great pleasure several alumni delivered sessions in the team to team transition of the member committee of AIESEC in Switzerland, focused on swiss culture, general history and the history of AIESEC in Switzerland. Additionally alumni relations were discussed and focus areas set for the next year. The MC and the LCs will focus on internal Alumni Engagement Processes, whereas AIESEC Alumni Switzerland will focus on building up the network and engage more and more alumni on different levels.
Thanks to the experience of the international MC members in their home countries, we received many inputs for our work here in Switzerland. Many things will take still some time to be fully in place, like the Board of Advisors for the LCs. Other things are in the process already, such as the alumni track at DO-IT.

Also we have started a mentorship programme for the current members of the Member Committee by the alumni. Every teammember has a personal mentor with which they are already in contact or planning to get in touch soon.
We have already received several mentoring and coaching requests from LCs, therefore we would highly appreciate if more alumni would sign up on the mentoring database of AIESEC in Switzer-land, to ensure that we can provide mentors and coaches to all mentees.
If you have any questions to the mentoring programme, please contact Patrick Siffert ( If you would like to be a mentor or coach, please sign up on the database (

Past Events: Regional Group GE event

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In the long-term project of reconnecting with the alumni of Geneva and of Suisse Romande, we organized a summer event in the beautiful and sunny Geneva on the 7th of July. It started at Halles de l’Ile and ended up at the Tropical Corner in front of the Leman lake. Around 20 alumni and goldies from Geneva, Lausanne and Bern were present.

Because of the success of the event, we plan to renew it for the next coming years. Once again, we thank all the people who participated to our event and hope that the one who did not come, will be present next year. Don’t hesitate to contact Lucy and Karthik (Contact form) for any further information and for joining us at our alumni drinks!

Upcoming events: DO-IT conference young alumni and alumni track

Later this year we would like to invite you to the annual national conference of AIESEC in Switzerland. We will prepare a Young Alumni Track, starting on Friday afternoon, and an Alumni track starting on Saturday at noon.

We are very happy to announce to you that we will be delivering an alumni and young alumni track at the next national conference of AIESEC in Switzerland.
The Young Alumni Track is part of the Young Alumni Program. It is specially designed for members with previous team leading experience that are about to leave the organization (some of you might know this stage as “heading for the future” stage) The purpose is to give the participants an opportunity to reflect on their experience and learning’s, to build a vision for their future life and come up with ideas how to reach this vision. Of course the fun part of a conference will be an essential part too!! This track will start on Friday at around noon, and will be merged on Saturday afternoon with the alumni track.

The alumni track will start on Saturday afternoon, giving the delegates a platform to reconnect with each other and a presentation about AIESEC Alumni Switzerland and of course joining the AIESEC party in the evening. On Sunday morning we will enjoy a relaxed brunch together and meet with the current active AIESECers for a experience sharing session.

The exact agenda for both tracks will be published together with the agenda of the other tracks. We will post constant updates about both of the tracks on our Facebook page and the homepage.

founding AIESEC Alumni Switzerland

Dear Alumni

It is our great pleasure to announce that we are about to found AIESEC Alumni Switzerland. As you can see on our homepage ( we have already updated many things.

It is our goal to connect AIESEC Alumni with each other and to the active membership. That fore we have planned activities on national and regional level, such as an annual alumni dinner in February, a summer social in July or August and several other events on regional level.

You find all information, including the proposed compendium, on our homepage. We have added sections for regional chapters. It is our goal to have in several cities in Switzerland regional hubs, which meet every now and then for a social and keep also in touch with the Local Committee. We are working together with the Member Committee of AIESEC in Switzerland to increase the awareness in the Local Committees about Alumni management and involvement. Ideally, Alumni shall be involved on several levels in each Local Committee of AIESEC in Switzerland.

If you would like to found a regional group in your area, we would be more than happy to help you.

The official founding General Assembly will take place on October 1st, at the 60th Anniversary party of AIESEC in Switzerland. Here you can sign up for AIESEC Alumni Switzerland and be amongst the first ones to join the association!

We also present on Facebook, Xing and Linkedin. Please join also these groups!

We are looking forward to shaping this organisation with you!

Corinne and Fabian