From the AAS Board: AAS & AiS In transition

One of the aims of AIESEC Alumni Switzerland is to support the active AIESECers. The board was doing so by delivering four sessions at the Team to Team transition of the Member Committee. We were very pleased to get to know the new team and are looking forward to work together with them!

With great pleasure several alumni delivered sessions in the team to team transition of the member committee of AIESEC in Switzerland, focused on swiss culture, general history and the history of AIESEC in Switzerland. Additionally alumni relations were discussed and focus areas set for the next year. The MC and the LCs will focus on internal Alumni Engagement Processes, whereas AIESEC Alumni Switzerland will focus on building up the network and engage more and more alumni on different levels.
Thanks to the experience of the international MC members in their home countries, we received many inputs for our work here in Switzerland. Many things will take still some time to be fully in place, like the Board of Advisors for the LCs. Other things are in the process already, such as the alumni track at DO-IT.

Also we have started a mentorship programme for the current members of the Member Committee by the alumni. Every teammember has a personal mentor with which they are already in contact or planning to get in touch soon.
We have already received several mentoring and coaching requests from LCs, therefore we would highly appreciate if more alumni would sign up on the mentoring database of AIESEC in Switzer-land, to ensure that we can provide mentors and coaches to all mentees.
If you have any questions to the mentoring programme, please contact Patrick Siffert ( If you would like to be a mentor or coach, please sign up on the database (

AIESEC in Switzerland: Introducing the MC 2012/2013

The Member Committee 2012/2013 has started its term on July 1st this year. Eight people from eight countries and three continents will lead AIESEC in Switzerland together. We asked them what they think about alumni. To get to know their answers, please follow this link.

Not only is AIESEC in Switzerland one of the oldest members of AIESEC internationally, but also one of the most culturally diverse as a nation. I don’t think any one country better exemplifies the mission of AIESEC than Switzerland, and I am both honoured and extremely excited to be able to work with you all and see how this organization has lived the AIESEC experience for over 50 years.
Martin (VP Business Development, Bulgaria/Macedonia)

Alumni are the best examples of the impact AIESEC is creating. I am looking forward to working and spending more time with alumni of AIESEC in Switzerland.
Tania (VP Career Days, Ukraine)

I am feeling lucky to have the amazing opportunity to work with the most distinguished Alumni network of an AIESEC country I have ever encountered. I am truly looking forward to taking the best out of your know-hows with hopes that I can bring value to the relationships as well.
Peter (VP Talent Management, Canada)

I’m really happy to work and share with Alumni. It brings a broad view and understanding of the reality plus it is always fun to know about their experiences and the challenges they faced back in other times. These stories can always be used as an example and their career inspired us to be better and take this year as a platform for my future… today is the first day of the rest of our lives.
Miguel (VP Outgoing Exchange, Venezuela/Switzerland)

The first weeks have already been great and very supportive from the Alumni side. There is so much to discover and find out and I am very much looking forward to spending more time with alumni in the future
Theresia (President, Germany/Switzerland)

Working with closely with alumni will not only help us to perform better and not repeat mistakes that might have been done before. But personal coaching by alumni will also help us as individuals to grow stronger. This is a personal goal for me, and I’m looking forward to learning from our alumni.
Hanna (VP Finance, Switzerland)

I am honoured and excited to have as responsibilities for the next year the Alumni Relations as well. I look forward to working with the people who have brought AIESEC in Switzerland to the point where it is now and who will contribute to take it to the next level together with our Leadership Body and our members.
Oana (VP Communication, Rumania)

I am very glad that we have such a great group of Alumni permanently supporting all the MC team maily in strategic direction of our organization. As a business oriented person I always appreciate external advice, feedback, experience shared and also the business approach that helps us being more professional and recognized on the market.
Misha (VP Incoming Exchange, Slovakia)

President elect of AIESEC in Switzerland 2012/2013

4b547b6c2.16628375,2We are very happy to introduce to you the President elect of AIESEC in Switzerland, Theresia Schneider. Theresia is currently LCP in Basel, before that, she was President of the Career Days in Basel.
At the moment, Theresia is in the process to select the last person on her team, developing a national planning cycle and receive transition from Birgit. The full MC12/13 is arriving in Switzerland in the beginning of June for team-to-team transition.
The Board of AIESEC Alumni Switzerland is in close contact with the current MC and will also be with the incoming MC.

AIESEC in Switzerland at the International Congress in Kenya

The MC has returned form the International Congress in Kenya. Birgit (President), Annamaria (MCVP Outgoing Exchange), Daniela (MCVP Incoming Exchange), Gustavo (AIESEC Swiss CareerDays President) and Theresia (LCP Basel) have spent three intense weeks on networking, exchange good case practices with other entities and actively influencing the future of our organization.




This IC was very important for the future of the organization, as the next midterm goals were defined. In the year 2015, AIESEC would like to achieve the following number of experiences

Global Internship Program 17’000
Global Community Development Program 38’000
Team Member Program 155’000
Team Leader Program 52’000

The Global Internship Program contains all internships in the management and IT sectors, whereas the Global Community Development Program contains develop-ment and educational internships.

Please find more information about the new midterm ambition here.

In 2011 AIESEC achieved the following goals under the 2010 vision.

Exchange 14’187
Exchange + Leadership 2’859
Leadership Experiences 16’183
Members 48’725
Committees 110