Past Events: Summer Event of AAS

Twenty-five alumni met on a wonderful sunny afternoon in Bern for the summer event. After a refreshing swim in the Aare we went to Schwellenmätteli Restaurant for an extensive apéro.


The goal of the AIESEC Alumni Switzerland summer event is to bring alumni from all over Switzerland together for a relaxed occasion to network and reconnect. We are planning to organize this event every year around July or August.
This year we met at the Restaurant Schwellenmätteli in Bern, which is located directly at the river Aare. Twenty five alumni met on this sunny and hot afternoon on August 19th.

The board of AIESEC Alumni Switzerland presented future events and chances for involvement. An example is the mentorship programme that has been launched. The members of the national board of AIESEC in Switzerland is already enjoying this programme. Now we would like to encour-age more alumni to support active members.
Another opportunity are the two topic related alumni groups around NGOs and entrepreneurship.


Also we started to collect money (also the small coins!!) for the AIESEC Alumni Switzerland Fund. This fund shall support AIESEC projects. At the moment we are collecting money to help AIESEC Lugano to finance a member from AIESEC Italy to come for six weeks to Lugano to start up the internship sales and to train LC members in the area of incoming exchange. The Local Committee in Lugano has suffered from a big membership and therefore knowledge loss over the last years and was close to being closed last year. Now they are starting from scratch and need every support possible. They have handed in a good application for the fund and we decided to support it with maximum 5000 swiss francs. At the moment we collected around 900 swiss frances. If you would like to contribute as well please feel free to make your donation on the homepage of AIESEC Alumni Switzerland or put some coins in our red piggy banks that will be on every regional group first Thursdays event. The attendees of the summer event feeded them very well! A big thank you to all the attendeed for that from the board!
We hope that everybody enjoyed the event to the fullest and hope that we see you (and many oth-ers) again at one of the next events!

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