About us

AIESEC Alumni Switzerland is the alumni association for alumni of AIESEC in Switzerland and AIESEC Alumni living in Switzerland. It’s activities show an overriding commitment to national and international co-operation and understanding.

The purpose of AIESEC Alumni Switzerland is:

  • To foster cultural understanding through own experience.
  • To raise awareness for societal issues in the country and beyond.
  • To develop further experiences made during the active membership in AIESEC and enhancing the contact between members of the association.
  • To support projects and members of AIESEC with knowledge, experience and financial aid.
  • To maintain the connection to the AIESEC Alumni International and other AIESEC Alumni organizations.
  • To enhance the exchange of knowledge, experience and support of the career of members of AIESEC Alumni Switzerland.

AIESEC Alumni Switzerland organizes activities to support its members in networking, further development of skills acquired during the active membership in AIESEC and supports the interaction between Alumni and currently active members of AIESEC in Switzerland. Of course, the fun part is not being neglected!


Please find our current compendium here – current compendium (2023 version)