Dear fellow AIESEC alumni

It is quite some time ago, we have released our last newsletter in this format. In the meantime, we experimented with announcements through various social media platforms and we have to admit that we should not have stopped sending out these newsletters. Maybe, we are still inspired by AIESEC’s constant experimentation on new things. Oh well…. We are back here again, sending a round of apologies to those of you who have not heard from us for too long and at the same time, it is our intention to send you newsletters on a regular basis by email as well as the social media channels. We seek to balance the topics on what we write about like news from the AIESEC world, from the alumni organisation but also what alumni are doing in the world. If you have some inputs, please let us know. We are keen on your inputs.
About 4 years ago, we took the decision to re-establish an AIESEC alumni organisation in Switzerland again. Some of you might have said “again?” or “I wonder how long that lasts…” and with the silence from us over this channel, we almost proved you right. We hope that we still can prove you different this time. The board is committed to bringing the organisation to a stable level so that we finally have a lasting alumni organisation in Switzerland. We are looking forward to you joining our passion for a stronger alumni network in Switzerland. We would like to invite you to join us in building this network. Be it by becoming a member of the alumni organisation, by joining one of our events, to support AIESEC or by simply following our newsletter. We wish you a great summer and we are looking forward to bringing you the alumni network a bit closer.
On behalf of the AIESEC Alumni Switzerland board
Fabian Tschan

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